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From the Webb Weekly

When it Comes to Music, Hold the Salt and ask for Pepper Street

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz


When it comes to spices, lets face it, pepper is a real bore. It's not exciting as ginger or exotic like saffron, but pepper, it sure won’t get you dancing up a storm.
  If dancing is what spices up your life, pepper, as in the groove infused cover band, Pepper Street, is the key ingredient for a good time and time on the dance floor.
  Performing the best tunes of the 1960s to the 1980s, Pepper Street has become the go-to cover band for rock and a lot of roll for classic covers from the Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, the Doobie Brothers, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Steppenwolf and some wickedly good tunes from Bryan Adams that cut like a knife, but feel ever so right.
  "We have to be one of the top bands in the area with such a large and varied set-list. We play everything from Roy Orbison to Dire Straits. We're always adding new songs to our set-list so our shows are always different and the covers we perform are done in a way that respects the original song and the musician," said Dave Houseknecht, an original member of Pepper Street from "back in the day" when the band was originally started.
  "We're a very high energy band with a bunch of great musicians performing some of the greatest songs of rock and roll. You won't hear other bands in the area that perform only covers from such a wide selection of musicians. We often hear people in the audience say they haven't heard some of these songs in years or they sing along and know every single word."
  Joining Houseknecht on this musical journey are three of the best players in the Susquehanna Valley, such as Don Bastian pounding on the drums and belting out songs, Pete Codispoti bringing spot-on vocals, keyboard and bass to the stage while the ever so cool Bob Yoas kicks things into high gear with bass, keyboard and guitar work plus vocals. 
  Each one of the guys brings with them many years of experience, knowledge and just the right kick of attitude that gives their music the edge music and says hold onto your seat, this is going to be good.
  "One thing that sets us apart from other bands is that each one of us in the band does vocals, so that really gives us an advantage that really makes our music stand out," said Don Bastain, one of the band's newest members. "Each one of us has performed in other bands over the years, so we all have our own style that goes well with the other guys."
  Using the tag line, ‘Central PA's Fun Band,’ Pepper Street keeps their calendar full performing at such venues as Pier 87, Montoursville, Shade Mountain Winery, Mifflinburg, private functions, carnivals and American Legion clubs in South Williamsport, Montoursville and Lock Haven."
  "We play at some excellent places around the area. We love playing at such venues as Pier 87, especially during the summer when we can play outside," said Houseknecht, a multi-skilled musician providing guitar, bass and vocals. "We get a good crowd with both younger and older generations. The music we play stands the test of time. They are the songs you know the lyrics or remember when those songs originally were released." 
  When Houseknecht talks about music and the local music scene, you notice the change in his voice and can picture, even over the phone, a smile on his face when he talks about the band and sharing music with both family and friends as well as total strangers seeing the band for the very first time.
  It’s also easy to notice the pride both he and the band have when it comes to performing a gig that just isn’t great, it's memorable. 
  "We have a lot of fun performing and seeing a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. We put on a high energy show that gets people out of their seat and dancing or singing along with the music," said Bastian. 
  One of the many reasons Pepper Street remains a popular and fun band is the selection of music they perform and perform in a way that keeps the cover close to its original format while adding their own spin to the song.
No matter if Pepper Street is performing to a large crowd at a winery, a carnival or a local bar or restaurant, the band gives 100 percent to create a show that's filled with fun, music and a kick of spice.   For more information or a list of upcoming performances visit