Pepper Street Band Schedule


October 3

BandLivesMatter III
Dave's house in Picture Rocks,
3:00 - 6:00

October 10

Shade Mtn Winery, 2:00 - 5:00

October 16

Jersey Shore American Legion, 8:00 - 11:00 CANCELLED

October 30

Williamsport Eagles Club, Halloween Party 8:00 - 11:00



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New Feature...

Meet the people of the Pepper Street experience!



Ron Borger is our Roadie Extraordinaire! Ron helps setup and teardown. Has run sound and lights. Has fixed guitars, wires, lights. You name it, he's been there did it for us. Sorry ladies, he's spoken for. Ron obviously enjoys his Rolling Rock beer, hunting, fishing and gardening as well as cooking and baking. That's right he does it all! Ron keeps this well oiled machine, well oiled and we couldn't do it without him. Thank you Ron for helping Pepper Street do that thing we do!





Next gig will be on October 3, BandLivesMatter III, our third "home" concert this year. Location will be Dave's house in Picture Rocks. We will be starting at 3:00 and going to 6:00ish. May be HotDogs and Burgers available for a small donation. Trying to keep the schedule current with all of the CANCELLations, so keep checking back. We'd love to be out playing every weekend, but that's not going to happen this year for sure. Please, keep supporting your local establishments as they try to survive in this new "normal" BS.

Belle is growing everyday and is quite the handful at practices. Come and meet our girl Belle who is growing into her face and winning the hearts of all who meet her, just like Lucy and Norm did in the past. No one is safe from this "beauty's" charms! You'll see!!


On a very sad note, Lucy, Dave's bulldog and the band mascot for the last 10+ years passed away peacefully in her sleep last month. We and many of our friends at the establishments we've played will miss her badly.





On a happier note, Dave is currently waiting to get his new bulldog pup and she will be enjoying all the benefits that a Pepper Street Mascot gets. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Belle! Needless to say she will be the most pampered member of the band for some time to come!





We are looking forward to getting back out there as soon as the authorities say all is safe. I know all of you are getting cabin fever and need to release that inner drink/dance demon that we love to see! Stay Safe!!

Mr. Jeff Solomon at Jeff Solomon Photos took some pictures of the band at Skeeters and kindly said we could use them on the page here. Great photos of many local and big rock bands, and he's a really nice guy as well! Thanks Jeff!






Who is Pepper Street Band

Pepper Street Band plays an eclectic mix of 50s, 60s, 70s and some 80s classic rock and a bit of country.  All danceable, toe tapping music you know and love.  Pepper Street Band is currently made up of Dr. Dave Houseknecht, (guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals),Pete Codispoti, (keyboard, percussion, bass, vocals), Rich Cummings, (drums, vocals), Bob Yoas, (bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals) and Sandy Barrett (vocals, acoustic guitar)! Each of these musicians have years of musical experience.  Check out more about them on the WHO ARE WE page of the website

From the Warped Minds of Pepper Street

A monthly article(s) on a wide variety of musically based questions, thoughts, lists, jokes, comedy, etc. from the questionably sound minds of the guys in the band.  You'll never know what to expect from this page.  Check out the WARPED MINDS page of this website.

The Pepper Street Juke Box Page

A complete list of all the songs that Pepper Street Band currently plays as well as songs we're thinking about adding.  There's even an email address for you to send us songs you'd like us to learn.  Check it out on THE JUKE BOX PAGE of this website.